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Articles, photofeatures and photographs have appeared in a wide variety of magazines, journals and online media. Follow the links to article titles, full text examples, photography credits and selected pictures.

Specialist and popular science magazines, technical and trade journals

BBC Wildlife, Chemistry in Britain, Dairy Farmer, Dairy Industries International, New Scientist, PlantTalk
Environment, natural history and general interest
Country Man, Great Outdoors, Peak District, Peak and Pennine, Trail
African publications
African Farmer, African Review, Reflections (inflight magazine)
Online content
Hessleberg Hydro
Samples, Publications, Picture Library Stock, Commissions
Links to stock lists, galleries and photographic services

African publications

African Farming and Food Processing
Smallholders seek food security: how smallholders in Malawi are turning to organic technologies in their fight for a better life.  July/August 1999
African Review of Business and Technology

Regional electricity grids: pooling resources  April 2000


  • Maize: Malawi's Sorghum of the sea coast [a short history of maize in Africa]  Reflections 22 (1999)
  • Mount Kenya  Reflections 21 (1999)
  • Mulanje Mountain  Reflections 16 (1998)
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Specialist and popular science magazines, technical and trade journals

BBC Wildlife

  • Evolution: Escape the Natrix. The morphing tadpoles of the Mallorcan midwife toad. March 2001
  • Communication: Sound tracks: eaves dropping on the lives of sperm whales;  Factfile: valuable signatures [in the big brown bat]  January 2000
  • Social snails: even self fertilising snails need companions  September 2000
  • Constant craving: high fidelity insects may use search images [flower constancy/feeding]  August 2000
  • Frog chorus [the complex calls of the Madagascan treefrog]  July 2000
  • Genetic roots [trees underground identified by root DNA] February 2000
  • Finishing touches [salamander pheromones]  December 1999
  • Evolution.  Eating up blue-greens: waterfleas keep pace with pollution  December 1999
  • Feeding. Milk round: naked mole-rats  October 1999
  • New species.  The world's smallest deer: tiny muntjac found in the Far East  September 1999
  • Long winded result [new interpretation of the anatomy of the giraffe's neck]  June 1999
  • Courtship.  Reflected glory: what matters more - size or symmetry?  March 1999
  • Hearing things [the cocktail party effect in king penguins]  December 1998
  • Little squirts [fertilisation in colonial sea squirt]  July 1998
  • Courtship. Hidden colours: there's more to a blue-throat than meets the eye [ultraviolet vision]  May 1998
  • Partnership. Giving ants the slip: wax-coated stems select and protect skillful climbers  May 1998
  • Peafowl  puzzle [evolution of the Congo peafowl]  March 1998
  • Sex signals.  Rejection colours: when redness doesn't mean readiness [Lizard sees red]  December 1997
  • Communication.  Mite repellers: how a hunter gets wind of the competition  October 1997
  • Weevil dispersal.  Fruit pulp friction: how beetle larvae avoid being digested [Weevils catch a lift in seeds]  December 1995
  • Seed dispersal.  Sweet satisfaction: how plants get their way  September 1994
  • Parasitism.  Slimey sneaks in the grass: garden snails as cuckoos  August 1994
  • Wild cycles.  Age goes before a fall: why voles really crash  June 1994
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Chemistry in Britain

Dairy Farmer
Electronic nose can detect oestrus  November 1998

Dairy Industries International

  • Omega-3 special - Opportunity Knocks  The dairy industry is favourably positioned to exploit omega-3 fatty acids.  June 2001
  • Cultures and coagulants - The genetics game  February 2000  [Biotechnology and the dairy industry]
  • Probiotic cheese  July/August 2000
  • A second skin [Milk protein edible films for food coatings and packaging]  June 2000
  • Whey processing: the [dietary and medicinal] benefits of casein macropeptide  December 1998
  • Low fat pizza could soon be a reality  January 1999
  • Cultures and coagulants: the fight against phage  February 1998
  • Phage come under attack  January 1998
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New Scientist

  • Cupid's arrow is tipped with love potion [courtship in land snails]  11 July 1998
  • How insects storm privet defences  26 April 1997

Plant Talk: plant conservation worldwide
Malawi's Mulanje Mountain    July 1999  Conservation and poverty/development issues (text and pictures)
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Environment, natural history and general interest

The Countryman
Seabird City: the manx shearwaters of Rum   August/September 1998

The Great Outdoors
Double Standards: the hypocrisy that goes under the name of game conservation on the Peak District Moors    July 1994

Peak and Pennine
Gone with the wind: beauty or beast?  Wind farms arouse passionate debate   May 1998

Online content

Hesselberg Hydro Ltd   (specialists in hydraulic asphalt, part of the Gleeson Group of international companies)
Writing/editing of all text for the company web site  (online resource for separation science)

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Photography Credits

Photographs have appeared either as "stand-alone" items or as parts of photofeature articles in African Farmer, Bird Watching, Countryman, Great Outdoors, High, Peak District, Peak & Pennine, Phototechnique, Plant Talk, Reflections, Scots Magazine, Trail.  This gallery shows some examples.

A comprehensive collection of photographs on the Southern African country Malawi is managed by Tropix Photo Library.  Subjects include: education, farming, fishing and food, forestry and forestry workers, health, Lake Malawi, Mulanje Mountain, natural history and conservation issues, village life.

Photography has been commissioned by:
  • GABLE - Girls Attainment of Basic Literacy and Numeracy in Malawi - a USAID funded project (Internationally distributed promotional and educational materials)
  • Malawi Against Polio (MAP) (Slide lecture set of fieldwork at outreach clinics)
  • Sheffield Careers Service (Publicity material)
  • NE Derbyshire Health Trust (Publicity material)
  • Holmfirth Festival (Publicity material)
  • Microvox sound solutions (Product shots for catalogues and publicity material)
More information on photography can be found on my services page.  More pictures and stock lists can be found in galleries.

Samples of published photographs
Beinn a' Chaorainn
Temperature inversion
Scots Magazine
Mount Kenya
Wind farm
Peak and Pennine
The Countryman
Soil erosion
African Farmer
Plant Talk

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